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The Searchers

July 31, 2009

Two best searches that arrived at this site today:

how to attract girls at bus stops

[by pulling up in your Ferrari and offering them rides]


rhymes that make assholes cry

[may I recommend the ever popular, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me” or “I’m rubber, you’re glue. What you say sticks to you” ?]

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  1. freshhell permalink
    August 1, 2009 7:08 am

    Wow. Amazing. I never get searches that great.

  2. August 1, 2009 7:24 am

    Those are great. I wonder what the backstory for #2 might be?

  3. The Lass permalink
    August 1, 2009 8:53 am

    Don’t you sometimes wish you could contact the people who land at your site via. these searches? I know I do. I get some lulus, too.

  4. August 1, 2009 9:07 am

    everyone at my site was searching for “pook and bood” and I still don’t know what that is. Neither does Google.

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