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Hakuna matata

August 13, 2009

Yesterday’s excursion included a walk up and down Canyon Road, Santa Fe’s famed street of art galleries housed in old adobe houses, many with hidden gardens. Mr. Spy and I played art collectors as we asked about some paintings we loved but could not begin to afford. As we walked, we leapfrogged a van with a silver whirligig bolted to the side, the occupants of which were installing kinetic sculptures up and down the road. We stopped for a snack at a butch teahouse run by a woman named Nancy with amazing sculptural hair. We took AJ to the Santa Fe Children’s Museum which was so-so inside, but fabulous outside, with imaginative gardens and climbing structures and hidden paths and enormous xylophones. Afterwards we visited the state capitol building, which is purportedly the only round capitol building in the country. It turned out to have a terrific art collection as well. Afterwards, we retreated home for a very late lunch and siesta time. We spent the evening drinking wine and playing charades with AJ.

Today we went downtown for lunch at an Italian restaurant that made its own pasta and then paid a visit to the campus of St. John’s College, one of two outposts of a college devoted to the Great Books. The campus was devoid of students but full of construction workers and seemed to have many large projects going on at once. AJ liked the koi pond best, and was fascinated when he saw an enormous carp eat a teeny-tiny catfish. It’s a fish eat fish world.

We are back in the house watching thunderstorms roll across the mountains, a spectacular sight, and waiting for the arrival of my aunt and uncle and cousin S. Later we hope to return to the Plaza to hear some of the Santa Fe Opera apprentices give a free concert and look at the artwork sold on the street by local Native Americans.

The rain gave me time to participate in this week’s Poetry Stretch at Miss Rumphius Effect. This week’s challenge was to write a poem about an article of clothing. I chose the hat I’ve been wearing religiously since I got here as defense against the intensity of the sun.

Made by hand,
Green silk band,
Straw braid fanned,
The hat,
Folded flat,
To a mat.
Time to pack
The rucksack.
Into bag, black.
On the road,
Hat is stowed
In shouldered load.
Shaken out
Worn about
When sun’s out
Sudden gust
Hold on! You must!
Saved it – only just.
Bored boy
Needs a toy
The hat’s a joy
To toss and throw
Across the row
Where flowers grow.
Tossed along
Across the lawn
Oh no! It’s gone!
Street Parade
Yearn for shade
Is that a braid
Of straw I see?
Behind a tree?
The hat! Returned to me.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. crankygirl permalink
    August 14, 2009 10:09 am

    A “butch teahouse” sounds intriguing.

  2. August 14, 2009 10:51 am

    It’s hard to explain, although their tagline helps: “Where East Meets the Wild West” — think cowboy Buddhists.

  3. August 14, 2009 11:21 am

    A fish eat fish world- yup. The fishtank at our school has babies in it this morning. They won’t be there by afternoon. They asked me what I could do and I answered, “don’t watch”.

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