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Trick or treat

October 30, 2009

[This was written this morning, but our internet connection’s been touch and go all day, so this is the first chance I’ve had to post it. This situation may persist until Tuesday, when we’ll be without internet for the day but should, hopefully, have a reliable connection by nightfall. Wish us luck.]

Mr. Spy decided at the last minute not to go to New York after all. It’s a long story, actually. When the rain started coming down in sheets last night, he thought about how long he was likely to be delayed at the airport in relation to the actual duration of the trip combined with the likelihood of him missing trick-or-treating with AJ and he called and cancelled his air ticket . Then he cancelled his car service, which he’d scheduled for 6:30 a.m. Which is why we were surprised when the phone started ringing at 5:15, more than an hour before the car service should have arrived if Mr. Spy hadn’t cancelled it. They were sitting in our driveway. WTF.

But actually, I was already up, because AJ was up. He’d also woken me up at 2:30. We are a family of insomniacs and this has been an especially bad week. And now I’m feeling not-so-pleasantly like I used to when AJ was a newborn and I was in that state of perennial sleeplessness all of us parents know (and with which you almost parents are about to become intimately familiar)

AJ had a bad morning too, forgetting everything, losing his homework and failing to find it in time for school, leaving The Boy Across the Street’s mother waiting in our driveway (because it was pouring down rain and she is a very nice person). Mr. Spy and I put our heads together and we’ll be laying down the law when AJ gets home, because this kind of thing has just been getting worse and worse. Sure, there are some good reasons why it happened this morning, but the fact is, he was supposed to have all his school work in his backpack last night, and he told us that was where it was. We were hoping he’d get his organizational act together on his own, but he’s just not getting it, even with help. Some kind of reward/demerit system is needed, I think. I may consult his teacher to find out what is working for her in the classroom, because I think it will be more effective it there’s consistency at home and at school.

But I’m trying to rouse myself because today I’m helping run AJ’s class Halloween party, which should be full of mayhem. And I suspect the party will rouse AJ too. He’s very excited about it – his knight costume was the only thing he managed to get together this morning. And tonight, we’ll carve pumpkins and pray for dry weather tomorrow, when AJ goes to a Halloween party and then on the trick-or-treat hayride.

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  1. October 31, 2009 9:39 am

    Well, it isn’t the best, but no one gets food around here without being organized first. No snack until shoes, coat and germs are off, and homework is out. No dinner unless all the contents of the backpack are ready to go to school and it is hung by the door again. If they haven’t put a snack in it for the next day, there will be no snack the next day at school. Remembering in the morning won’t count. In the morning, no breakfast without clothes, including shoes. Food is removed from the table at 7:20 to leave time to brush teeth and get out the door at 7:25. Poor kids would starve without reminders, but it does get the stages accomplished.

  2. freshhell permalink
    October 31, 2009 11:27 am

    We are forgetful and so make lists, prepare everything the night before. I pack lunches after dishes are done. Homework is usually done at the Y after-school program but not all of it. Red’s is incorporated into bedtime (usually reading activities). Nobody gets on the computer until certain things are taken care of first. But, it’s never 100%.

    I hate that sleep deprivation feeling. Hate it. We don’t suffer from insomnia much, as a group. For which I am eternally grateful.

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