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Everyone’s running and the world, it gets so crazy

November 29, 2009

AJ’s friend N came over for a sleepover last night. N goes to a different school. He and AJ know each other from playing sports. N’s dad was AJ’s basketball coach two years ago and after that, AJ and N ended up quite by accident on the same baseball team in the spring and the same football team in the fall. Both of our families hit it off and N and AJ became fast friends. Mr. Spy and N’s dad have coached basketball and baseball together ever since.

N and AJ are hilarious when they get together. They both talk at about 5 times the normal speed, something that AJ doesn’t do with anyone else. They are both football crazy. And they both like the guitar. For a good part of yesterday evening, N and AJ were strumming the guitar and making up silly songs like this one that N sang: “I [STRUM] like to poop [STRUM] in my pants [STRUM] and so [STRUM] does [STRUM] AJ [STRUM] Spyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy [STRUMMETY STRUM STRUM STRUM].” This was mighty entertaining.

And they actually went to sleep and were quiet and stayed in bed until a more or less reasonable hour. Don’t kids today know that you’re not supposed to sleep at a sleepover? Shhh. Don’t tell them. But I was wakened early by a wayward alarm clock. The appliances in our house have minds of their own. No one knows how or why the alarm clock went off and the only way I could get it to stop (at least without my glasses on) was to convince it that it was in a different time zone. Mr. Spy was no help, because he had gotten up even earlier because for the third night in a row, our wonky thermostat decided to override any and all settings and leave the house at a brisk 60 degrees. Perhaps it is trying to make a statement about global warming. Or perhaps it just likes to see us running around the house in our pajamas and a ridiculous number of sweaters.

But then, since there was company, there were pancakes. And then AJ and I took N home and paid a visit to the supermarket for turkey alternatives, as we’re reaching the breaking point with the leftovers. And we made a detour on the way home for a gingerbread house kit. And then we all headed to our separate corners for the rest of the day. AJ went to visit The Boy Across the Street and didn’t come home until dinner time. And suddenly, here we are at 8 p.m. and we’re tearing apart AJ’s room looking for his homework folders and gym shirt to put in his backpack (these were later discovered already in said backpack, which seemed like a good idea at the time). And all the while, AJ is chattering about how excited he is about Christmas.

“What do you like best about Christmas, Mom? I mean, besides the presents.”

“Hmm. Probably the music.”

“I like the advent calendars and decorating the tree.”

“Those are good too.”

* * * * *

And speaking of Christmas, my good friend Green-eyed Siren has started a Christmas project of her own: NaCoBakMo — National Cookie Baking Month. She will bake a different variety of cookies each day from now until Christmas Eve and blog the recipes. She’s got two delicious looking ones up there already. You should go check them out. And even better, you can get some of your very own. Because Siren is offering to mail boxes of cookies to you in exchange for a $25 donation to the Irving Park Food Pantry in Chicago. Not only that, but Siren and her husband Mr. Unfocused will be matching all donations up to $500. So get some delicious cookies and do some good. Everybody wins.

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  1. November 29, 2009 9:12 pm

    Good lord — a batch of cookies every day? That would be the end of me. I am in awe.

  2. crankygirl permalink
    November 29, 2009 9:35 pm

    I agree with Readersguide, but it sounds like a wonderful project.

  3. November 30, 2009 8:37 am

    Another great cookie project not requiring one to eat the cookies:

  4. November 30, 2009 12:01 pm

    I agree with ReadersGuide, too…my goal is to make one batch of cookies sometime before Christmas.

  5. freshhell permalink
    November 30, 2009 3:46 pm

    I’m tapped out donation wise, so I’ll sadly have to pass this offer. I am hoping to make cookies with the girls when school’s out. Our winter breaks coincide this year.

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