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Captains of Industry

December 20, 2009

Scene: Harriet’s office. Harriet is working at her desk when AJ comes running in, waving a piece of paper.

AJ: I put some more things on my Christmas list.

Harriet: You did? Don’t you think it’s kind of close to Christmas to be adding new things?

AJ: Well, I KNOW my parents couldn’t do it. But I always leave a list out for Santa. He can do it.

* * * * *

I was relieved to know that Santa is still alive and well at our house, although I’m somewhat concerned that the elves can manufacture an extra video recorder by Friday. I have a feeling that might be a little too much for them. But I’ll put in a good word for him. Maybe they can convince me to give AJ my old camera as a consolation prize.

It’s been a lovely weekend all around, mainly in that we’ve had very few imperatives. Although I did drag the family to church this morning. I miss singing at this time of year. And I did some woodshedding on some new violin music. I’m wrestling with a bow that needs rehairing and I’m frustrated with my weak fourth finger — the result of not enough practice for the last too many years. But I’m really enjoying the process of learning music. It’s been too long since I’ve done this. I like the way it feels to play through something, identify problem spots, take them apart and work on them and put them back together. I like the way it makes my brain work.

This evening I’ve been working on some homemade Christmas presents that need finishing up. The ones that involved the sewing machine could have come out better. But the one that involves the computer is coming out rather well. And now AJ is across the street having a sleepover. It’s really our turn, but I’m grateful just the same.

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