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And now, a word from our sponsors

February 27, 2010

Administrative note: I put the last post under password. I’ve been going back and forth about the ethics of writing about my students, and I think that I went too far in the last post. Even saying nice things about people is sometimes an invasion of privacy. But if you want to read it, let me know.

I made it through day one of our crazy weekend. It was a pretty good day, actually. We all got up at a decent our and had some time for lounging around and watching cartoons before we piled our stuff in the car and headed to a park. Mr. Spy and I skied while AJ stomped along in the snow behind us an occasionally tried to ride the back of my skis. AJ and I scoped out some good spots for hiding letterboxes for a trail we hope to create in the spring. It’s a perfect park for a letterbox trail and we are excited to come up with some clues, although we probably need some practice in carving stamps. We also built a small snow fort and encountered several silly dogs who were all very excited to be stopping by the woods on a snowy morning.

After we came home, thawed out and had some lunch, I took AJ to the roller rink for a birthday party and then took my laptop out for coffee and a serious heart-to-heart about my paper. I whipped out an abstract that makes it sound interesting. Now if only I can follow through with the rest of it.

AJ and I made a fast trip home and inhaled some dinner before heading out again, this time for a fundraiser night for his school at the place where AJ used to take gymnastics. The place is enormous and the kids ran around like maniacs for an hour and a half while I talked with some of my friends, one of whom, anticipating a wasted evening, had brought her guitar for practice. Next time, I said, I’ll bring my fiddle and we can cook something up.

Mr. Spy has fallen asleep on the couch watching Alistair Cooke on Youtube. I went down to find him. This is what happened:

Harriet: Are you asleep?

Mr. Spy: (indistinctly) No.

Harriet: Are you sure?

Mr. Spy: Yes.

Harriet: You look like you’re asleep.

Mr. Spy: (indistinct cross between a moan and a grunt).

Harriet: Your screen is black.

Mr. Spy: (snoring)

[Harriet backs slowly out of the room while Alistair Cooke’s disembodied voice continues to discuss the Civil War]

Such is the weekend excitement at Spy Headquarters. Tomorrow is the dreaded three-and a half hour long Cub Scout banquet. I will most likely be doing whatever I can to keep from scratching out my own eyeballs with boredom. I wonder if I can sneak in my laptop?

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  1. February 27, 2010 11:57 pm

    May I read the password protected stuff? I can see why you’d want to keep it under wraps, although it does seem pretty benign.

  2. The Lass permalink
    February 28, 2010 8:24 am

    3.5 hours long? How do they expect kids to sit still that long…let alone adults?!

  3. February 28, 2010 9:07 am

    Fortunately for the kids, I think there’s some moving around. There is to be a talent show and the different dens are all performing in some way or another. However, this doesn’t really help the grownups.

  4. February 28, 2010 9:32 am

    “While we’re waiting to take you back to Lord’s, we play you a recording of Alistair Cooke being attacked by a duck…”

    3 1/2 hours? Yeah, bring a laptop, two flasks, an iPod and Dostoevsky.. .

  5. Eleanor permalink
    February 28, 2010 9:54 am


  6. February 28, 2010 2:20 pm

    I often sneak a small paperback book into kid events like that.

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