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Summer of Panic

June 23, 2010

I think this is the third year in a row with record-setting rains. You’d think we’d be getting used to it, but we are not. And I think this is the third day in a row that we’ve been under a tornado watch. I’m not getting used to that either. Enough with the weather already.

On the plus side, I haven’t had to water the garden in ages.

Instead of watering, I spent my day driving AJ around. This morning, I took him up to his school to do a couple of book reports. The weather was abysmal, so he was the only kid there. The two teachers running it are new to the school, coming in this fall from the school they closed, which has been using this summer book report program for a few years. I recognized the last name of one of the teachers. She’s married to the high school chess coach, who also works with the group that runs AJ’s chess club. The other one is likely to be AJ’s teacher in the fall if we stay in public school. She’ll be teaching one of the gifted clusters. I didn’t get much of a read on either of them, but both seemed personable and smart. AJ struggled a little with the reporting. He had two books to report on, but for some reason decided to take the first test on a third book, one he hadn’t finished yet. Needless to say, he did not do very well. But the second test went much better. I think this whole multiple choice thing is maybe not the best use of a kid’s time, but I think it might be good for AJ for holding him accountable for what he reads. He tends to race through things. The teacher helping him (the one who’ll be teaching the multi-age group) was really good at talking him through the one he did poorly on and talked to him about how to read for content. We’ll see how he does next week.

I was supposed to sub for water aerobics again today, but got rained out, so I managed to squeeze in a yoga class, which was fabulous.

Then I spent a couple of hours this afternoon, while AJ was at football camp, at the library. It’s amazing to me how much busier it is this year than in summers past. The library must have noticed it too, because they used to close on Sundays in the summer and now they’ve added a few hours in the afternoon, this when the library system is going broke (thank you, State of Illinois, for not paying your bills). When I got there on Monday, I got the very last carrel. I used to be the only one who ever used the carrels. Today was a little quieter (see the aforementioned weather).

And in a few minutes, I’ll be dropping off AJ at track camp on my way to teach at Studio 2.

Summer: too much driving, not enough sun.

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