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Walk with me, Suzy Lee

September 7, 2010

AJ spent most of the weekend in trouble, mainly for an accumulation of relatively minor infractions — rudeness, sneaking candy, hiding vegetables in the heating vents, etc. Your basic 9-year-old badness. But it kept getting worse. Then on Sunday night, when I put AJ to bed, he had a fever.

AJ has had a weird collection of ailments over the last couple of weeks, including persistent headaches, of which he’s never complained before, muscle soreness, lack of appetite, sore throat, pain in his ribs, a rash that comes and goes. He’s been pale and irritable and not sleeping well. And yet given that he’s playing football 5 days a week, there’s nothing that can’t be explained away by a passing virus. But he really hasn’t been himself. And while no one symptom is severe enough to warrant a second glance, it’s an odd collection. All weekend, I’ve been speculating about what could be going on — the flu plus football injuries? Lyme disease? Meningitis? Anxiety? (his or mine?) So today I’m taking him in to the doctor after school. And as luck would have it, his regular doctor, a wonderful osteopath, is in today. She has young children herself and only works a couple of day a week so usually when we go in for illness, we’re stuck with the owner of the practice who graduated from my graduate institution and played in the same orchestra I did, so he thinks he’s my best friend. I’m sure he’s a very fine doctor, but his profession (or possibly brain damage) has led him to conduct all conversations in a voice best suited to Saturday morning programs for preschoolers that you will never, EVER watch. And visits with him always leave me feeling stabby.

But there were good points to the weekend too. AJ and I had been planning a big letterboxing adventure for yesterday, but he didn’t seem up to it, so we went to the movies instead. We donned nerdy 3-D glasses and went to see Despicable Me, which, since I was expecting something terrible, was quite enjoyable. Not a great movie, but definitely above the middle on the spectrum of children’s films bookended by Marmaduke and Toy Story III.

And we talked to my mom and dad via Skype video chat, which always makes me feel like I should have a robot maid and a flying spaceship to get around in. Also my dad cracked us all up by making bunny ears over my mom’s head without her knowledge. These things never get old.

But for now, anyway. AJ is back in school. He was nearly late, surly and dawdling over everything, stopping to see if The Boy Across the Street would walk with him, even though I’d told him he needed to sprint straight to school or he’d be late. I ended up driving him while he apologized over and over for not listening to me. He walked very slowly up the hill to his school. I watched his yellow backpack in my rear view mirror as I drove away.

Today’s projects involve trying to polish off the first monthly folder for our musician program and chipping away at a good chunk of the editing I need to do on my article, a new draft of which is due in a month. It’s a day away from the dissertation, and yet not. I get a break, but I still get work done on the diss (as the article is actually also more or less one of the chapters, although in a somewhat altered form). The sun is shining. It’s cool and breezy. A good day to put on a pot of tea and get to work. If I can stop worrying about AJ.

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  1. September 7, 2010 10:11 am

    You’re the third mother I’ve talked to (and I have my own story this morning!) who had big trouble getting a kid off to school. Some of it has to be post-holiday (post-summer) hangover.

  2. freshhell permalink
    September 7, 2010 12:24 pm

    Hope it’s nothing more serious than a passing virus or…..nothing. Which is sometimes more frustrating than having a NAME for whatever’s going on. Lyme disease should have shown up in that target rash before muscle aches appear (in my experience) so it shouldn’t be that. I’ve been feeling achy and poorly over the last couple of days and I can’t pinpoint it either. I’m just going to blame an end-of-summer malaise. Luckily, I was been able to lay around and read and drink iced tea for most of the weekend.

  3. September 7, 2010 1:07 pm

    “hiding vegetables in the heating vents”????? someone’s been watching too many carrot videos.

    hope he feels better.

  4. September 7, 2010 1:11 pm

    Actually, magpie, it’s the other way around — this behavior inspired the video. Freshhell, that’s good to hear. The rash doesn’t look anything like the Lyme rash anyway. I’m wondering if he might be having a sort of systemic allergic reaction to …something. Who knows what. Jeanne, I suspect that may be part of it, although there are too many concrete symptoms for that to be the whole story.

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