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November’s cold chain

November 27, 2010

As much as I like Thanksgiving, I may like the day after even better. The house is already clean. The food is already cooked. And there’s pie for breakfast. Pretty much a perfect work, if you ask me.

It was our first truly cold day — it was 15 when we got up. But I wasn’t complaining. It was sunny, so the cold was worth it. And come to think of it, this is the first year since we moved here where we haven’t had any snow before Thanksgiving. I took AJ and The Boy Across the Street to see a 10 am showing of Megamind. I always love going to movies in the morning. It seems especially decadent and the theaters are usually empty. In this case, however, I failed to consider that the heat had been turned down for a day. I payed $35 for our tickets and $5 for a single small drink to share and we got…a big room with no heat. It was so cold in the theater that I had to keep my hat and gloves on . My feet were numb for an hour afterwards, despite being inside two pairs of ski socks and my warmest pair of boots. For $40, is it too much to expect heat?

AJ and I ran errands in the afternoon. We picked up the greenery he’d sold for Cub Scouts and hauled it onto the screened porch. And we figured out the materials he needed for his school demonstration project — they have to read a book about making things, make something from it, and then show the class how they did it. AJ picked a beaded key chain. We went to the bead store and bought our supplies, although we haven’t started it yet. It should be interesting, as neither of us is particularly crafty.

I spent the evening working and finally got drafts of my teaching and research statements off to my advisor. Today I need to get my c.v. revision finished and finish editing the next chapter I’m sending out.

AJ and I spent most of the day driving around delivering greenery to assorted relatives. It was kind of fun to just drop in on them. My mother in law was still in curlers, but ushered us in and AJ’s uncle made him a hot dog for lunch. Then we headed over to his aunt and uncle’s house where two of his three cousins — the two who are in college — were home. We visited with them for a little while and then moved on to AJ’s aunt’s house. By the end of the day, AJ had been fed candy, cupcakes and ice cream and a good time was had by all.

Now we’re back home. The sun is already setting. The geese flying overhead look pink in its light. And I am finally settling down to work. And maybe a cup of tea.

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  1. November 28, 2010 1:32 pm

    The only time I’ve ever been to a movie before noon is when The Lord of the Rings movies came out and Ron and I took the day off while the kids were in school and drove to the city an hour away to see them on the first day, so it was fairly crowded. I can’t stand being cold, so I’ll take your story as a warning about morning movies.

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