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The deadest piece of ironmongery in the trade

December 13, 2010

The wind has died down and the temperatures have dropped. We are now in the midst of a deep freeze. It was 5 degrees at 8 p.m. and we seem headed for negative digits. This means we spend a lot of time in multiple layers of sweatshirts. We wear scarves to bed, or at least I do. It was a lacy brown mohair and really, I just forgot to take it off. It had been buried under the second sweater and I failed to notice it until I nearly choked myself at 2 in the morning.

After dropping AJ at school, I headed to the library, where I wrote for four hours straight and got some good things done. I also went a couple of rounds of scheduling with my advisor, who wants to cancel our meeting on Thursday, an appointment we made a month ago. I’m a little aggravated by this, as I’d planned my whole schedule for the week around that, but he got a chapter back to me, so I’ll let him off the hook for this one. It helps that he liked the chapter a lot. It’s a chapter that really seemed like a huge digression, and I was convinced I was going to have to cut it, even though it’s my favorite chapter. But he had some good and non-labor-intensive ideas for tying it in that should work. But even better than that was the chapter I was working on today. This was one I thought was going to be a fast turn around but has turned out to be a little more work. But the cool thing is that the themes that are coming out are foreshadowing the upcoming chapter nicely. I didn’t even try to do that. It just happened. This stage of the dissertation is feeling very much like doing a Rubiks cube that’s almost finished. In order to fix the remaining squares, you have to throw caution to the wind and make a real mess of it. But then all of a sudden, you look down and find that it’s done.

I spent the afternoon running errands and teaching some lessons at School of Rock, where I also did a little Christmas shopping. My students are all so excited about the holidays, that it’s especially fun to teach right now. Next week we’ll be doing short performances of Christmas surprises for parents. One girl, age 8, who’s been playing for just a couple of months, has written songs for her parents that she wants to play for them as a surprise. I wish I had a few more students there. I’d love to put on a mini recital.

This evening was spent helping AJ study for his social studies test, having an argument with AJ about his lack of a sense of responsibility for said studying and homework in general, more studying, and then getting him to bed (Mr. Spy was off reporting). Although we’re in the middle of our annual reading of John Masefield’s The Box of Delights, AJ made a special request for The Christmas Carol, and how could I say know? It is great fun to read aloud. So we launched into the tale of Scrooge and Marley. AJ is old enough to find it funny this year. Hooray! Afterwards, I banged out a cover letter and revised a cv for a new job ap that goes out this week. I also did some revision on my teaching statement, but I need to do more in the morning when I’m less sleepy. The good thing about having sent in that 65 page application a week or two ago is that every other application seems like a piece of cake by comparison. Cover letter, CV, references and teaching statement you say? No problem. Need to send the references by snail mail? Piece of cake.

And now, as my brain has decided to vacate the premises, I am going to put on a couple of sweaters and go to bed. Note to self: Lose the scarf.

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  1. December 14, 2010 2:27 am

    Didn’t miss a day of school – even though it was 2 for the high today. You have the same Alberta Clipper we had.

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