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Weekend catch up, part 1

December 20, 2010

Here, as elsewhere, I’m getting behinder and behinder. I’ll attempt to catch up today, but it will be in stages. Here is what was supposed to have been posted on Friday.

I woke up disoriented this morning, having had many weird dreams, including one where I walked into a meeting in a strip mall storefront a few minutes early and found myself in the back of a Hindu religious service. I was the only one with my shoes on and I felt bad that I hadn’t realized I was supposed to leave my shoes at the door. I hadn’t meant to be disrespectful. While I was standing there, trying to be as invisible as possible, I started hearing a voice in my head. It was a male voice and it sounded a lot like a train station announcer. He was saying something that seemed to be important, but I couldn’t understand it. I also considered that I might be going crazy, thinking voices in my head were important. Eventually, though, while concentrating on it, I realized the voice was reciting an endless chain of digits 112463…etc. I tried to remember them, as it seemed essential information, but when I woke up, I could remember nothing.

It took a cup and a half of coffee before I felt at all coherent. But it was a bright sunny day and AJ was excited – it was the last day of school before winter break.

I went in about an hour after AJ did to help with his class Christmas party. They’ve been reading a book called Sadako and the Paper Cranes, about a girl who dies from radiation after the bombing of Hiroshima. His teacher used the book as an entry to a unit on Japan and their Christmas party was Japanese themed. We parents were set up a different tables to help teach the crafts, all Christmas ornaments, mostly made of Japanese paper – paper cranes, tin butterflies (from Mexico, not Japan – “I just like them,” explained the teacher), paper Japanese dolls, and paper carp windsocks (from China). The teacher brought in sushi, pickled daikon, a huge pot of udon noodle, green tea, and assorted Japanese crackers and desserts (including Pocky and strawberry mochi). I was so impressed with the kids who tried, and often liked, some very unusual food. AJ ate crab sushi and liked it. His friend Tommy liked it too, but didn’t much care for the seaweed, so he ate out the middle, leaving doughnut-shaped remains. Another boy, whom I did not recognized, tried a single daikon pickle, then came back for seconds and thirds.

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