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A perfect day to chase tornadoes

January 28, 2011

I woke up yesterday (after a weird dream where I found myself at a conference in Minneapolis, watching fireworks over lake at a petting zoo full of goats, where I ran into my brother-in-law in town for another conference) with the sudden horrifying revelation that I have only a week before my next meeting with my adviser and I need to get two more chapters and a job application hammered out.


So despite the heavy snow, I flew out of my driveway (metaphorically speaking — traffic was at a snail’s pace and even going super slowly, I still did an impressive fishtail as I rounded the bend by the railroad tracks) and parked myself at Sbux where I fueled myself, with the help of a gift card from a student, and got down to work. A few hours later, Siren joined me. We’ve been trying to meet for lunch since our kids went back to school in the fall . We ate BLTs and talked about our kids and it was lovely.

I got home just in time to meet AJ after school and ended up on the phone for a while with a friend of Magpie’s talking about public school curricula, testing and budget cuts for a book she’s working on. It was all very interesting.

In the evening, I took AJ to his school’s annual roller skating night. I find these school functions strange this year, because there are so many people I do not know, thanks to the redistricting that happened after the district closed a school last year. But I had a blast, thanks to the fact that a) I did not fall down, b) I did not mow down any small children, and c) AJ no longer needs hand-holding, so I could actually work up a sweat. The downside is that in my Wednesday yoga class, we did squats for what felt like an hour and a half but was actually more like 8 minutes. So getting up this morning was kind of excruciating. But it’s all good. I think.

Today, more writing and editing and worrying about my brother in Cairo (who is fine, but has no internet or phone connection at home; the embassy, fortunately, is not affected by the communications lockdown). And later, teaching a makeup lesson and dinner with Julia. And tomorrow, the Pinewood Derby. This is more socializing than I’ve done in the last month.

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  1. January 28, 2011 3:24 pm

    I’m taking Walker to a chess tournament tomorrow, which will involve more socializing than I’ve done since right after Christmas. I can’t do my usual wallflower act, either, because I’ve been commissioned by the mother of one of the kids–who couldn’t come–to photograph her kid and the Serbian chess teacher (who is in the country for a few months) with various chess players we know will be there.

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