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Scenes from a Blizzard: epilogue

February 2, 2011

Top 5 hyperbolic blizzard sobriquets that have been applied to the Great Groundhog Day Blizzard of 2011 by people I know:

1. Snowpocalypse
2. Snowmageddon
4. Snowtorious B.I.G.
5. Class 3 Kill-Storm

Okay, the last one was me.
• • • • •

There’s a commemorative T-shirt: . Of course there is.

• • • • •

Outside, it smells like the smoke from the neighbors’ fires. Inside, the mudroom smells like damp feathers and feet. The kitchen, however, smells like chili and gingerbread. It’s nice to be in the kitchen.

• • • • •

2 shovels
1 snowblower
2 people
4 hours
8 man hours
2/3 of a driveway cleared

We may finish the job tomorrow. Then again, it’s supposed to get down to -15F tonight, so we may not. The piles of snow in front of the house are now almost as tall as I am (I am 5’8”). I suggested we add crenellations and plant a flag. Mr. Spy has come in for a bucket to try to oblige me. If he is successful, you’d better believe there will be pictures.

• • • • •

There will be another snow day tomorrow. Some of us are rejoicing. Others are not. I am glad there is leftover Snow Day pancake batter in the refrigerator.

• • • • •

True story: the local Groundhog Day celebration was postponed to Saturday, on account of the snow. I’m hoping this will work in our favor, because in this morning’s bright sunshine that followed the storm, he surely would have seen his shadow. But I couldn’t help but notice that Punxatawney Phil was not such a wuss.

• • • • •

Four hours of shoveling, and my arms are aching. Also I don’t smell so good. Fortunately, a long hot bubble bath will fix both problems.

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  1. eleanorio permalink
    February 3, 2011 12:07 am

    There was no sunshine here, just constant light snow sifting out of a gray sky. Hubby shoveled the driveway three times and the snow plow came and filled in the end as often as he cleared it out. I walked to and from the university, and my butt muscles will be sore tomorrow from slogging through the unpaved streets. My student from Curacao is counting the days till he goes back.

  2. February 3, 2011 8:31 am

    “Snowpocalypse” was taken by Atlanta. We had no snow shovel and ended up with several inches of compacted snow/ice. 5 days of canceled school, 0 snow shovels, 1 garden shovel, 1 worker (me) 1 hour, 3 square feet of ice cleared. 1 waste of time.

    We had thunderstorms yesterday- very unusual this time of year.

    But, Beauregard Lee also saw no shadow.

    Hey- why not an igloo?

  3. February 3, 2011 10:09 am

    Crenallation is absolutely inspired. I’m hoping for photos!


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