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You know it’s true, all the things come back to you.

April 27, 2011

So as I mentioned yesterday, some bad things are happening to people who matter to me. And it’s very hard to stand on the sidelines. The reason it hits me at the blog is because when things like that happen, it is suddenly so very much not all about me that I can’t seem to imagine why I should bother to write anything here at all. Of course, that’s over-reacting and is partly the result of a sense of survivor’s guilt. But the fact is, I feel horrible and also lucky, and it’s not such a comfortable combination. It is really not my story to tell.

But just because the main story is not mine and is not about me doesn’t mean I I don’t have a story of my own, a story that, while much less serious, still needs some resolution in order to get through my day. So what am I doing about it? I went to yoga class. And I’m about to take a long walk while plugged into my headphones, probably on shuffle because I feel the need to see what a universe that dishes this kind of shit out can say to me through the randomizer of my music collection. Somehow interpreting the random seems like the way to go. Maybe something will become clear. I am searching for oracles in the most unlikely places.

And sometimes I am finding them. I am playing Aerosmith’s “Dream on” on the fiddle, trying to work out an arrangement for one of my students to play in the upcoming spring recital at Studio 2. I think I’ve mentioned here before how painfully unaware of lyrics I usually am. And in this case that’s especially true, because I’ve been working largely off of a youtubed violin arrangement of the piece rather than the original song. It’s not my usual M.O. — I usually prefer my own arrangements — but I’m busy and a little lazy and I wanted to figure out how this particular arrangement manages a low version of a tune in F minor (answer: the violinist tunes the G string down to F). But when I figured out that that version used scordatura (fancy word to mean retuning the strings; toss it out at your next cocktail party and impress your friends), I went back to the original tune. I don’t think the student I have in mind for this piece is ready for that yet. And then the words jumped out at me. And they were exactly what I needed to hear yesterday. They’re not deep or especially original. But they were the right words at the right time. And sometimes that’s all you need.

Here. I found you a version where you don’t have to look at Steven Tyler’s naked chest. You can thank me later. It has the lyrics written out and everything.

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  1. April 27, 2011 8:05 pm

    What would it take to get you to record Dream On on your fiddle? I think I’d like that.

    I’m sorry about the bad things. Yoga is a good way to deal.

  2. April 27, 2011 8:37 pm

    I will think about it. I haven’t found a good way to mike the violin. It sounds pretty lousy on the webcam, which is the only thing I’ve come up with so far. If I keep doing a lot of rock violin, though, I will probably be investing in a pickup, so that would make things easier.

    Yoga was an excellent way to deal. Although I’m slightly worried about walking tomorrow. Many, many, many squats today.

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