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June 23, 2011

Sorry about the temporary outage. I noticed some uncharacteristic activity in my stats and temporarily shut down the site while I password protected some old posts that were getting some unusual attention. If there’s anything you can’t read and want to, just let me know. If you already have a password, try it and it will probably work.

And if I might, I’d like to take this opportunity to (re)state my blogging manifesto. This is a personal blog. I have chosen to make it public because I like company and I very much enjoy the conversations I have with all of you. I also find the interaction helps me stick to my daily writing habit. I started this blog to create that habit and it has worked very well. I have been writing pretty much daily for nearly eight years.

I try to write well here. I also try to be careful about being too easily identified. And I am careful of others’ privacy. I alway write with the assumption that anyone could read this any time. I don’t write anything here that I wouldn’t say to someone in person. Although I don’t wish this blog to be identified in any way in any place with my real name, it’s okay with me if people who know me in real life read it. I would just prefer to know who they are. So if you are reading and you think you know me, send me an email. I can guarantee you that I’d love to hear from you. And also, it’s less creepy that way. Additionally, it’s in your own best interest. Otherwise next time I see you, you might be subjected to a long boring story that you already read about here. If I know you are reading, all that aggravation can be avoided and everybody wins.

As I said, I try to write well here, but I am not always successful. This is a place where I like to experiment sometimes. And sometimes the results are better than others. I also don’t copyedit. My posts are full of spelling and grammatical errors (especially of the homophone substitution variety). It’s not that I don’t think that stuff is important. It’s just that I put severe time limits on my blogging — 15 minutes a day — so I can get my real work done. That doesn’t give me time to edit carefully, if at all. If the choice is writing and not copyediting versus not writing, well, that isn’t really a choice at all.

Because of all of this, I do not wish this site to represent me professionally, even though I’m proud of some of the writing I’ve done here. If you’re someone who knows me professionally and you’re looking for a writing sample, I’m more than happy to provide one. Details matter to me. Just not here.

End of manifesto.

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