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July 16, 2011

It’s the second weekend of baseball all-star tournaments. Last weekend’s tournament was hosted by our own league. This week we’re playing in a town further up the river, about a half-an-hour drive through picturesque farmland. AJ’s team won their first three games and AJ himself did some excellent playing. But the highlight of the day was when one of the kids on the other team hit a foul ball that rolled into the ladies’ room. A pack of ball players waiting for the next game went running after the ball, each trying to be the one to grab it. But when they got to the ladies’ room door, they all stopped running and started shoving each other, each trying to get someone else to go in and get it. Finally a freckle-faced boy with a crooked grin lost the shoving match. He fell in and came back out holding the ball high over his head, while the audience cheered.

This is my last full weekend here and I’m trying to enjoy it. It started off well with a lovely dinner with Fairlywell and DJ. Today involved some pajamaed lounging and the drafting of a conference paper while sitting under an oak tree at the edge of a little league field. I’ll be skipping at least one of tomorrow’s games to do some more work on the house and to make one last brave bold attempt to find some office clothes, of which I have pretty much none. I am not looking forward to it. I do not like to shop for clothes. Almost all of my favorites in my closet are either a) things someone else (usually Mr. Spy) has picked out for me or b) hand-me-downs from friends (especially Cranky who was the former owner of my two favorite pairs of boots. Hmm. I wonder if stompy blue suede boots are office appropriate. Come winter, I’ll have to find that out. When I shop for myself, I tend to buy the same things over and over again without realizing it. When, that is, I bother to buy anything at all. You’d be surprised how much of my wardrobe is over ten years old. Then again, maybe you wouldn’t be surprised. I worry that I’m a makeover show waiting to happen.

What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. IWOM permalink
    July 17, 2011 3:25 pm

    Unpacking from the London weekend break, packing up Himself for a week’s work in Madrid and London, checking the ten day forecast for Warsaw for next week’s work trip — in other words, the usual.

    If you can’t show up on day one in a smart white blouse, dark trousers, your best (yet comfy) shoes and some sort of great scarf or piece of jewelry, do ya really want to work there?!? Mind, it might be a bit late to be asking that question…just remember that clothes do not make the woman.


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