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The infernal rattling of the rain

August 20, 2011

AJ and I are holding down the fort tonight. Mr. Spy is at a bachelor party for one of his childhood friends, who was also the best man in our wedding 11 years ago. He’s spending the night downtown and won’t get back until I leave for the airport tomorrow. It’s making me a little sad. It seems like every week is a little harder in this regard.

This week is particularly hard because I’m missing some important things. Monday is back-to-school night, when AJ gets to meet his teacher and see a lot of his friends for the first time since the end of the last school year. And school starts Wednesday. Every year since AJ was two I’ve taken a picture of him with his backpack standing with Mr. Spy on our front porch. This year Mr. Spy and AJ will have to try to engineer the photo on their own. The first day of school here always ends at noon and since AJ’s first day of preschool, I’ve taken him out for lunch on the first day of school every year. This year we’ll have to wait for the weekend.

But tonight AJ and I sacked out on the couch to watch Napoleon Dynamite, which neither of us had ever seen. I particularly enjyed the performance by Tina Majorino, and the soundtrack, which is quirky and awesome. AJ thinks the movie’s kind of boring. But he’s watching it with me anyway, which is nice of him. And I tried not to think about all the work I still have to do, which was pretty nice of me as well.

AJ was supposed to have his first pre-season football game today, but yet another spectacular thunderstorm full of hail and high winds and tornado sirens scared off the other team. And even though by game time the day had turned beautiful, AJ’s team was left scrounging up someone to scrimmage. But this turned out to be a good thing, because it bought us some time: AJ had forgotten his helmet at home and it took me over an hour to drive home and get it (through cornfields, past Farm and Fleet and alot of decaying barns). But they had fun and AJ had a 40-yard run for a touchdown with his team cheering him on. It is a consolation that I’ll be back by the next game.

I must get back to packing. I am hopeful that this trip, thanks to my new phone, there may be pictures. I am less hopeful that I will arrive in NY with everything I need. It’s been that kind of week.

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  1. freshhell permalink
    August 21, 2011 11:41 am

    I LOVE Napoleon Dynamite and listened to the soundtrack incessently while we were at the beach. Each song is bookended by ND quotes.

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