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Blessed are the toymakers

October 15, 2011

So it’s another day at the Toy Factory. Yes, I know it’s Saturday. Mr. Spy was reminding me of that fact too. But sometimes I can’t squeeze everything in to the work day. Today, while I was pecking away at my laptop on the sidelines of AJ’s football game, trying to finish a mailing I’d hoped to send out yesterday and prep for a big presentation I have on Monday, I received a sample of a toy I helped design. It was pretty exciting to see it all laid out for me. That was exciting thing number one. The downside of this exciting thing is that now I have a lot of beta testing to do very fast, and in the busiest possible week.

Then there’s exciting thing number 2. In researching for another toy I’m working on, I went to look up a new version of a very big and important, iconic toy, which happens to have been redesigned by the person who supervised the project I’d just received a sample of (are you still with me? Will you forgive me for the dangling preposition?). It’s also only a sample, but where he was in charge of my last project, I happen to be in charge of his, so I had access to a sample that is not yet for public consumption. And one section of it is largely based on the work I did in my part of his toy. It was exciting to see because this is a pretty substantial corner of the toy world and I’ve changed a little of its mode of operations. The down side, though, is I am not credited for it, thanks to the rules of the project I now run. Unfortunate because such credit is important in my field sometimes. And a little unsettling because he uses some of my language (although I created it to make this type of toy easier to talk about, so I suppose that’s a good thing). But still, the change in this important toy that my work enabled, while a very small part of the whole, is a paradigm shift that brings to light the work of previously unacknowledged or just plain unknown toymakers like myself.

Okay, I’m not sure I have the power to sustain this metaphor further. Also, I need to finish packing. Because it is, after all, Saturday night. Tomorrow is Airport Day.

AJ is having a good weekend He played a phenomenal game of football today, which included a number of stellar tackles at key moments and also a 50-yard run with the ball that enabled his team to get the first touchdown of the game, which was frozen 0-0 until the end of the third quarter. It was a major turning point. Tomorrow he has his first practice with a travel baseball team, which will allow him to play baseball through the winter. AJ likes many sports, but baseball is his favorite. It’s not inexpensive and the travel will be a major pain in the butt, but I’m excited for AJ. They hunted him down and asked him to join, so he is also feeling good about himself today.

Mr. Spy and spent some time in the garden today, which was good for both of us. We planted two blueberry bushes, two goldenrods, and a whole lot of fancy grasses in hopes of both beautifying and drying up them marshy part of our yard. I wrapped the blueberry bushes in protective netting like a Christo project in hopes of keeping the deer at bay. The last time I tried planting blueberries I found, after their first night in the wild, that they’d been eaten down to the ground by nocturnal marauders.

Now I must get ready for my trip. This will be my last week in my office for a whole months. I find that hard to fathom. I hope we all survive.

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