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November 21, 2011

I hauled my sorry sick ass to the doctor’s office today. The nurse practitioner took one look at me and said, “You look terrible.” And I do. My eyes are blood red. I don’t just have dark circles under my eyes. The whole lid up to the eyebrow is dark too. My nose is red. I’m coughing to beat the band. I came home with two kinds of antibiotics and an inhaler. And I’m finally feeling a bit better.

We had parent-teacher conferences today. I walked in and AJ’s teacher pointed to the corsage she had pinned to her sweater. “You know where I got this? At fairlywell‘s baby shower.” In the small world department, it turns out that AJ’s teacher has been friends with fairlywell’s mother for many years. It’s also good she mentioned this, because I’d forgotten to RSVP for another baby shower. Phew. Just made it before the rsvp date!

I liked that she asked AJ to be there and that she talked to him. She talked to him about what he did well, but also about the things he needs to work on (mainly not rushing through things and actually reading directions instead of assuming he knows what they say). When he makes sloppy mistakes, she calls him on it. This has not always happened. AJ is working for her and now I see why. She treats him like he matters, like he’s responsible for himself. His teacher gets him and she’s not letting him get away with being sloppy. She’s pushing him, at least insofar as she can in a class of 35.

The best thing about this year, in my opinion, is that AJ is learning to love to write. He’s been spending most of his free time lately writing a movie script with Ben Franklin Boy, which the two of them and The Boy Across the Street are acting in. The movie, called “A Trio of ‘Smart’ Guys,” follows the mishaps of three guys named Yoho, Memo (“It’s supposed to be Mimo, but TBAS spelled it wrong”) and Coco, who are anything but smart (“See, Mom? ‘Smart’ is in quotation marks!”). They’ve been typing up their scripts on The Boy Across the Street’s computer (with TBAS acting as scribe) and rehearsing and filming their movie at one of the other of their houses. I have yet to see any footage, but AJ has shared the script for the most recent episode with me. Here it is, with original spellings and punctuation (or lack thereof) intact. AJ is Coco, in case you are wondering.

The chili

Yoho; You guys are lucky you guys get to go to an Rolling stone concert

Coco; SORRY YOHO I could not take you because my bear girl friend does not like you

Memo; Ha ha

Yoho; Shut up

Memo; Ok we have to go

Yoho; Well I am gonna have my moms famous chili

Coco Memo; Bye

Scene 2

Yoho is getting ready to eat din din
And says ‘ Hey Im eating chili and watching the stooges. This is better than the concert.
Ok maybe not but better than nothing


Yoho; Man this chili is hot

Gulp gulp

Then he takes 3 more bites

Then he drinks the cup in under 5 secs

Then he goes to the water cooler

He more chili

Then gulps the water down

Then goes back to the water cooler. There is no more water left

He text Coco and it say ‘im dying

Coco texts ‘I bet you are

Then yoho texts ‘Literally Im dying

Memo; What did he text

Coco; Im dying

Memo; Hey I would

Coco; Should we leave?

Memo; After this song

Coco; Ok

Then the song You Cant Always Get what you want comes on

Scene 3

Memo ‘ Man Yoho made a huge mess

Coco; You can say that again

Coco; Yoho

Memo; o MY GOD

Coco’; Get some water from the cooler

then they trow water at him. Then yoho wakes up

Memo; What happened

Yoho’ Next time I am gonna go to the concert

The end

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  1. freshhell permalink
    November 22, 2011 8:54 am

    Hee! When you mentioned AJ writing a movie with his friends I instantly thought, “Super 8!” but I see there aren’t (yet) any aliens or train wrecks. Whew! I’m glad he’s having a good year. Is this officially middle school?


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