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Weekend update

June 3, 2012

Holy cow, I keep thinking things will slow down long enough for me to write, but so far that hasn’t been happening. In hopes that this will job my memory, here’s the short version:

Toy proposals in action
AJ’s last day of school, fifth grade, and elementary school
AJ’s band plays the graduation breakfast
Band roadies (aka moms) have lunch and talk about the boys and their interest in girls
AJ plays three baseball games and wins all of them
I acquire some unusual sunburns from my new silver sandals
I find myself with the task of revising a toy that was made by the person who taught me to make toys
I prepare to conduct interviews

More soon, I hope.

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  1. June 5, 2012 9:18 pm

    Calling yourselves “roadies” is a good way to make that particular kind of errand-running more fun. I like job titles, if not literal hats (chauffeur’s cap).

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