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Take the long way home

June 23, 2012

My bags were packed, my desk cleaned up, my coffee cup washed and car service was on time. The thunderstorms had moved off and my flight was only showing to b 20 minutes late. I got into the car and started heading to LaGuardia. Before I’d gotten 4 blocks, I was on my way back to the office with a cancelled flight, stuck overnight in New York. It’s a drag when that happens and I was sorry not to get home last night, but when they cancel the flight before I leave Manhattan, I consider myself lucky. It’s when I sit at the airport for six hours before they cancel the flight that I go ape. Cranky is apparently psychic because less than 2 minutes after I got the call from the airline, I get a text from her checking to see if I was going to get out and offering to put me up if I didn’t. I gladly took her up on it. I put in a couple of more hours at the office and headed to Brooklyn where I got an enormous smile from Toddler J just for showing up and got to catch up with Cranky over Vietnamese food.

I was up at 4 (that’s 3 a.m., Chicago time, alas) to get ready to head to the airport. I was on a plane by 6:30 (New York time) and home by 9:30 Chicago time — just enough time to clean the kitchen before escaping for a 10 am house showing. I grabbed some coffee and a bagel at a local establishment and headed to the baseball diamond to watch AJ play (they lost).

On the plane, I ended up talking to the woman sitting next to me, who’d also had her flight cancelled yesterday. She was reading a book about the history of running and she shared with me a paragraph about the Sri Chinmoy race, because she was dumbfounded by it. It’s an annual race that takes place in Queens that runs for 3100 miles around and around a city block. Runners run the equivalent of more than two marathons every day for 52 days. Last year 10 runners competed and 8 of them finished. When I came home, I looked up their website. I can’t figure out which of these things amazes me most:

* 3100 miles!
* 60 miles a day for 52 days
* One city block? in Queens? That’s a lot of trips around the block. They couldn’t make the route a little longer?
* 11 out of 12 runners in the current race, which started last weekend, are from overseas. Can you imagine flying all the way to the United states to spend 52 days running around a single block in Queens?
* Last year, one of the runners dropped out after having completed more than 2700 miles. When you’ve done that much, wouldn’t it kill you not to finish?

I’m fascinated. I kind of want to go and watch.

I am now stuck in bed with a nasty cold compounded by sleep deprivation. Mr. Spy is making dinner downstairs and playing Robyn Hitchcock, which is funny, because I’ve been on a bit of a Hitchcock binge this week, but he doesn’t know that. Tomorrow, more baseball — at least one and as many as three games. We play until we lose. We will all sleep well.

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  1. June 24, 2012 7:04 am

    Ok, no more jokes about your jet set life. Hats off to you for succumbing to only a cold, at this point! A 19th-century heroine would have brain fever just thinking about doing everything you do.

  2. June 24, 2012 7:39 am

    That dropping out bit reminds me of the folks who make it all but, say, the final five hundred feet up Mt. Everest. You know that there has to be a good reason why they stop, but DAMN.

  3. June 24, 2012 7:48 am

    I can’t imagine trying to make that decision. No, that’s not true. I can imagine it and it woud be horrible. Jeanne, I feel like I brought it on myself for thinking earlier this week that it’s remarkable in 11 months on the job, a job in which I’ve been locked up in a small metal tube with lots of hackers, coughers, and sneezers 49 times, I haven’t been sick once. Oops.

  4. freshhell permalink
    June 25, 2012 9:31 am

    Feel better soon! And I wouldn’t make it once around that block. That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of. At least this week.

  5. June 25, 2012 10:39 am

    Okay, that is the most whackadoodle thing I’ve heard in a long time, that race. Do you think they get dizzy going around in circles like that?

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