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July 19, 2012

Imogen Heap sings “Headlock”

12-year-old Lennon and 8-year-old Maisy Stella cover it.

I can’t stop watching that second one. Let’s leave aside the quality of the arrangement (good) and their musicianship (impressive). What really grabs me is the difference between 8 and 12. 12 looks a lot harder. 8 is just being 8. 12 is trying to be something else. I had a similar feeling looking at my middle school yearbook this morning, when AJ pulled it off the shelf.

There are not a lot of songs sung by 7-year-olds that I’d listen to just because I like the music. Here is one. Maisy, age 7.

Here’s the one that’s getting them all the press, a cover of “Call Your Girlfriend,” as performed by Erato:

And here are Lennon and Maisy:

These girls have apparently been cast in ABC’s new show Nashville. Don’t mess them up, ABC. I want to hear what they can do.

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