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Days into weeks

September 12, 2012

There is so much to process about this move that I can’t keep up. All I can give you is fragments. It will take a while to figure out where things stand.

* Our furniture arrived Monday. There is far too much of it and we can barely move around our apartment. More things will be leaving soon, as soon as we figure out which things we want to lose

* Last night, AJ and I went up to the roof to see the 9/11 Memorial, two columns of blue light shooting from Ground Zero to the sky. I took a picture, but it doesn’t do it justice. It was very bright and beautiful and very moving.

* AJ seems to be liking his new school a lot and seems interested by the religious aspects of it, which are all new to him, having been raised by heathens as he was.

* We are all crabby from the chaos and lack of internet (which is a saga worth retailing if I can ever bear to do so). We hope both of these things will be amended on Saturday when we get serious.

* J0yce C@rol O@tes was in my office today. She was sitting in a chair in the conference room on my flloor. I passed by her on my way to meet Mr. Spy for lunch and thought, She doesn’t look like an insect as much as a shellless turtle.. And it’s true. She was signing copies of a new book for office staff. I was too disorganized to get there on time. It was interesting timing, though, as i just finished the first book of hers that I’ve ever managed to read from beginning to end (Mudwoman). I was tempted to grill her about gender issues, but thought better of it.

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  1. September 13, 2012 4:38 am

    That’s a great and freudian slip about selling the saga…and you have the most interesting visitors to your office!

  2. September 13, 2012 5:57 am

    What you’re experiencing with your furniture is exactly what we went through. We thought we’d pruned so much and so well, and we still had too much crap.

  3. September 13, 2012 6:00 am

    Jeanne, I left the typo just for you. EDJ, the biggest challenge is figuring out where to put stuff so you can unpack other stuff. I find myself spinning around in circles a lot because in order to put things away, I have to take other stuff out of the cabinets/cupboards/shelves where we stuck them at move in because there was no other room. We were spoiled after our last move, where we had entire empty rooms.

  4. freshhell permalink
    September 13, 2012 8:35 am

    At least now you might have the luxury of time to prune. You are there and not flying from place to place. It’ll all come together soon. Here’s wishing you internet service post haste!

  5. September 13, 2012 12:39 pm

    Yes — here’s to a great settling in! I’m so glad AJ is happy —

  6. drgeek permalink
    September 13, 2012 2:41 pm

    I’m with freshhell. It seems more agonizing to return home to all this mess every day, but that’s only because it’s the third and final act in the process. You are not amidst the Great Pack that occurs before the Move, or the Great Chaos in the Move itself. You are now in the Great Unpack (and sort) that occurs after the move. If you don’t have an open trench for a new sewer line for four weeks in front of your place like we did after our last move, it will all be over very soon.

  7. drgeek permalink
    September 13, 2012 2:42 pm

    And isn’t there some unencrypted WiFi in your building that you can “borrow” for a while? Or have people finally caught on that you shouldn’t do that?

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