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Knock us all to heaven

November 7, 2012

New Orleans:  Awesome, exhausting, thought provoking.  I had meetings from 7 am until, on at least one night, 1 a.m.  I did not sleep much.  I did, however, eat my weight in oysters, see a second line parade, watch steamboats on the river, and have beignets and (frozen) cafe au lait.  And did I mention that it was 85 degrees?  Not that I could tell most of the time, as I was stuck in an over-air-conditioned hotel with a TV in the lobby that was (I’m not even exaggerating) two stories high playing the LSU/Alabama game.  Is it worse when your team loses on a TV that is sized for giants? I flew home through Dallas, which meant that I’d been in four states (NY, IL, LA and TX) in four days.  And not even close together states. I came home with a copy of John Swenson’s New Atlantis, about musicians in post-Katrina New Orleans.  It’s good. And I’ve been creating a playlist to go with it.  If you’re a Treme fan, you will love it.  You’ll recognize several characters here.  I didn’t realize some of them were based on real people. 

Brooklyn:  Still reeling after the hurricane, with sporadic trains, many neighborhoods without power.  I worked at home Monday (for recovery) and Tuesday (to vote and watch AJ on a half day).  Yesterday, I took AJ down to the local public school to vote with me and we bought a cupcake from some girls having a bake sale to raise money for the hurricane victims. I watched the election returns by myself, because Mr. Spy isn’t a junkie like I am and AJ had to go to bed.  I tried to wake him up to tell him Obama had won, but he was too out of it to register.  It was the first thing he asked about when he woke up this morning.

Manhattan: Outside my office window, the snow began to fall and after a while I couldn’t really see across the street anymore.  

It is snowing still.  AJ and I went up to the roof to check it out and found it covered in 3-4 inches of snow, the wind howling.  AJ made a snowball and pitched it off the roof and then we went downstairs, peeled off our layers and drank cups of hot milk. Now we are hearing that trees are falling and power is going out (again). But we are safe and warm and dry.  And sleepy.  Very sleepy.

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