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Send in the clowns

February 7, 2013

“The whole world is a circus, when you look at it the right way.” A friend posted this quote — I forget what it’s from on the very day when, one stop before home, our subway car was invaded by an accordion player and his juggling friend, whom somehow managed to perform “La Bamba,” in harmony with all balls in the air on a crowded, lurching subway car. Sometimes you don’t even need to look very hard.

Work today was mostly a high-wire act, although we had a small party for a colleague who is leaving for another job. She was hired shortly before I was and we have worked closely together. I’ll miss her. But it was nice of her to give us the opportunity to have a beer — homemade by a coworker — during office hours.

Right now we are all preparing for a blizzard. My general feeling is that as alarmist as weather people everywhere are, in New York they are even worse. Perhaps it’s because, as Mark Helprin says at one point in A Winter’s Tale, to live in New York is to live inside a machine. We are more affected by the weather because, in a machine, weather shouldn’t affect us at all. That said, the last time the city was issuing panicky edicts, there was a hurricane from which we are still trying to recover. But even so, it is not entirely unlike a circus.

AJ is hoping school will be canceled. However, when you live 4 blocks away and the real snow isn’t supposed to hit before afternoon, it seems, as he put it, “like it will be wasted on a weekend.” Whatever happens, I’m very glad to be working from home tomorrow. I plan to put my feet up in my favorite chair and watch over the lip of my laptop as the snow disappears the word. I may even put a log on the fire. Or teach myself to juggle.

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  1. February 8, 2013 12:59 pm

    Snow, “wasted on a weekend”– ?! Is that not the very best time for snow? No, school won’t get cancelled, but still, you have two uninterrupted days to find places to sled in your new city! Get thee a trash can lid (or, you know, a sled) and go explore! I expect pictures- there will surely be no snow in Atlanta this rainy winter. (Because we invested in two sleds after LAST winter.)

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