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April 9, 2013

It hit 85 in New York today. I mention this because I was wearing a hat and mittens just a couple of days ago. I’ve forgotten that when this happens I don’t need a jacket outside, but I do need it inside. I’ve forgotten that when the subway isn’t blazing hot, it is ice cold. I’ve forgotten what happens to my feet when I don’t wear socks. I forget these things every winter.

Today was a good day. It began with me finishing a project that was lost in the great hard drive crash of ’13 and submitting it to my boss’s boss (who these days is sometimes my boss — it’s a little confusing) for review. Next up, a meeting with one of my favorite toymakers, which, in the absence of an available conference room, we held in the cafe in the glassed atrium of the museum across the street. We got all kinds of work done while sipping black current iced tea with a huge wheel of lemon. I’m getting thirsty just thinking about it.

I came back to an hour of my writing group (it was a group of two), and wall to wall meetings about interesting things. I received notice that my main toy got an unexpected award in which we share the stage with some very big fish indeed. It’s a small thing and gives us nothing but bragging rights, but sometimes those feel pretty good. Went off to a meeting and came back to an email from my boss’ boss telling me to add a whole bunch of things to my work that I thought I’d had in there. It turns out I’d given him the wrong draft. Situation corrected. A few minutes later, an email back “This is brilliant!” Strong words for a one page memo and I take them lightly, but still, it’s nice to read. I package it up with the other 150 pages and send them off to parts unknown. My first solo toy. Next week I should know where we stand.

A long day, a late day, but I come out onto the street into the sunny 82 degree weather. “You’ve got a spring in your step,” says the doorman as I exit the building. That I do, sir, that I do.

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