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Gone Fishin’

July 2, 2013

We are on vacation. We have gone back to the motherland, which is to say, back to the land of Mr. Spy’s mother. We realize how much we have assimilated to our new environment because we suddenly feel a bit like visitors from another planet to a place we’ve known for years. Things we need to remember:

1. When people are blocking the subway doors as you try to exit, there’s no need to elbow your way through– they will actually move aside. And maybe even apologize for being in your way.

2. Everyone will say hello to you as you walk down the street. This does not necessarily mean they are insane.

3. To reiterate, friendliness does not always =craziness.

4. You will walk into Target and it will seem like a palace because it is so enormous and brightly lit, but you should resist the urge to buy everything because you only have one suitcase and it is still just a Target.

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  1. July 2, 2013 6:01 pm

    Yes to all of these. Also parking spaces in the Midwest are so spacious!

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