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There where things are hollow

August 2, 2013

I am officially on vacation. It was hard one and I ended up having to leave some work for others, which I tried really hard not to do. I am feeling guilty about it, but am trying not to. It’s not for wont of trying.

I spent the morning hanging out at the recording studio while AJ’s band practiced in one room and this guy practiced in another:

Of course, I didn’t know that’s who it was until AJ told me later. But I liked the music — mellow hip hop with some serious funk elements. The best part was when the band was on break. They cranked an old recording of Parliament rehearsing and started discussing it. Meanwhile, three 7ish-year-olds came out of one of the other rooms to sit on the couch behind me and eat their lunch. They were all whispering, “Is that him?” But they forgot about it eventually and started dicussing who would do better in a battle: Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker? After some serious discussion, they determined that Harry’s ability to cast a shield spell would give him an edge.

Afterwards, AJ and I stopped at the ice cream parlor on the corner. While we were standing in line, one of the dads was behind us talking about a song and saying how good the guitar playing was. When he realized AJ was standing in front of him, he came up to him and told him how great he sounded. AJ shrugged it off, like he does most things and compliments especially. We took our dishes to one of the tables outside in the sun. A woman from a local internet news outlet stopped by and interviewed us about our ice cream choices. Feeling like celebrities, we walked home through the park. It’s not always easy getting AJ to walk places with you, but it’s nice when you can, because that’s when he talks. I heard more about his band and the song-writing process then I’ve heard all week.

AFter lunch at home, my friend H, who is visiting from Chicago, came by. We met up with another friend of hers from Chicago who, it turns out, lives on the block directly behind our apartment. We took a long and leisurely walk around the park and through the botanical garden. It was a gorgeous afternoon and it was nice to talk to people about things that don’t involve grammar (although we could have: H manages a bookstore and her friend B works for another Toy Factory. In fact, she used to work for my Toy Factory, right in the same department. We had several small world moments). We had a glass of wine in the back garden of a local wine bar and said our goodbyes.

Tomorrow morning we’ll be up early to spend the morning at another recording studio, one where one of AJ’s favorite bands recorded some of its best known songs. This studio’s website doesn’t mention its address. We were warned that the building is not marked. Looking forward to hearing AJ solo with his band on songs they wrote themselves.

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  1. Bloomingmom permalink
    August 2, 2013 11:42 pm

    Enjoy your vacation!

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