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August 25, 2013

We’ve had several days of spectacular weather, which has put even the surliest Spies (three guesses as to whom that might be) in a lighthearted mood at least some of the time. It was a particularly ugly week at the office, where we’re juggling a phenomenal workload and trying not to burn ourselves out. It should be over in a few weeks, but it’s hard to see how we’re going to get there from here at the moment. And then I start traveling — North Carolina in September, Pittsburgh and Indianapolis in November, possibly Chicago for Thanksgiving. I’m already dreading November. I’ll try not to think about it.

But Friday, I had a day off, so AJ and I got going early and took the subway out to Coney Island. We visited the aquarium, which we’d missed the last time we were there. About half of it is still closed due to Hurricane Sandy-related damage. There’s lots to do in Coney Island, but AJ said he just wanted to hang out, which was exactly what I wanted to do too. We walked along the boardwalk and then back along the beach, he in the sand, me with my feet in the water. It finally felt like summer. It never does until I put my toes in the ocean. We stopped for a hot dog at Nathan’s and walked some more. We passed the Cyclones ballpark. We saw a man who’d shaved his chest hair into the Batman logo. Ah, Coney Island.

Saturday, I put some serious mileage on my Fitbit. AJ and I made our usual morning trek to the Farmers’ Market, Mr. Spy and I headed out to the Botanical garden. It was just too nice to stay indoors. And in the evening, I took a long walk down toward the Barclays Center to meet up with my cousin’s husband, who was in town with a group from their church to help repair houses damaged by Sandy.

And speaking of the Fitbit, I’m finding it quite interesting. It’s definitely made me a lot more aware of how much exercise I get. If my steps for the day are down, I’m more likely to choose to do something active than I was before I had that knowledge. I’m averaging just under 6 miles of walking per day. But the jaw dropper for me is that I average climbing 22 flights of stairs a day. A DAY. This is what happens when you live in New York. Between my 4th floor apartment and the subway, well, that’s a whole lot of stairs. So the Fitbit gets two thumbs up from me. I’m finding the information both helpful and motivating.

Today we took another lengthy walk, this time to the cemetery to watch a reenactment of the Battle of Brooklyn. Except that we missed the battle part and just got there in time for the speechifying. But still, lots o men and a few women in revolutionary garb. And lots of bizarrely dressed New Yorkers. Our favorites in the former category were, hands down, the highlanders who not only had very short kilts, but plenty of flasks among them (I suspect these two details are not unrelated). In the latter category were two people whose outfits could only be explained away if they were mimes (which they turned out not to be, although they were German, so I’m not sure if that’s an extenuating circumstance). While we were puzling over the striped half-vest the man was wearing over a long sleeved shirt, they were elbowed aside by a man wearing a bike helmet, very short orange track shorts and a button up paisley vest worn as a shirt over his amazingly hairy arms. Displays of fashion here are never boring.

Sadly, my phone is out of memory so I was unable to capture any of the above events. You’ll have to imagine it.

AJ has had an interesting week. We got an email today from the director of his rock school. Apparently a major airline is interested in using one of his band’s videos as part of their in-flight entertainment. I have no idea how this happened or if it will actually come to fruition, but we of course granted permission. And now we wait and see. AJ is completely uninterested in this, which I find a bit alarming. Does he not know how cool it is? How hard people work to the their songs on the radio (Cincinnati market only)? Or get people to watch their videos? And it’s hard not to notice what people think of music videos in this town. At this very minute we’re watching a blimp float by our windows, en route back to the MTV video music awards. How can he not be excited by this? But AJ is cool as a cucumber. He doesn’t give anything away.

He’s spending this week at chess camp, which I predict he will either love or hate, depending entirely on whether the other kids suit him. I think it is very hard to be AJ right now.

How was your weekend?

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  1. August 26, 2013 4:52 am

    Ah — your activities explain how you got so very far ahead of me on the Fit Bit. Did you get the Flex? Or a different one? I didn’t think the Flex tracked stairs but if it does, I want to know how I figure that out. I walk stairs here just for the exercise but it would be nice to track them too.

    Gird your loins, the next week is upon us. At least there’s a holiday weekend next weekend, right?

  2. August 30, 2013 7:06 am

    Pittsburgh in November! Ooh! Let us know if you could get an hour or two free, and we’ll drive over to see you!

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