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August 22, 2014

I am having a stellar vacation by the sea, which is where all the best vacations are.  I have kayaked every day but one.  I have seen a bald eagle, swum in a lake, paddled a canoe, drowned my cell phone (see aforementioned canoe), eaten lobster and fudge and lobster and saltwater taffy and lobster and oysters and lobster.  Because this is Maine and this is what you do.

One thing to mar the trip — Scottish folksinger Jean Redpath died.  Her voice has been a fixture of my life for some time.  I’m feeling quite sad about it.  In her honor, please read a blog entry I wrote a number of years ago (8?!? Is that possible?) based on a crazy evening and a song I once heard her sing:  “The Secret Chord.” And if you’re interested, I talk a bit about the song and how it got into the story I told and also about memoir and the perils and importance of what is fact and fiction in the subsequent post, “True or False.”



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